Welcome to Blaugust 2023, I guess, I’m not real sure what that means aside from, maybe, MAYBE, a bit more of an “intense posting schedule”. I dunno, I subscribe to Tales of the Arrgonaut blog in my RSS reader, it’s apparently something they psudo run each year and have done so for a while, and it seemed like an excuse to motivate more writing. Details on Blaugust are on his blog here.

After signing up it seems it isn’t required, but it’s also sort of originally for MMO/game bloggers. I actually do of course have a games blog, but I prefer blogging here these days so, well, probably not much games content from me. Sorry not sorry?

I do plan to try to “post more”, though I will be surprised if I actually manage to write a new post every day for the month. I did sort of sketch out some ideas in a list and surprisingly, in theory, I could post 5 days a week with this little outline. Filling in the games feels “easy” but the real issue isn’t so much the idea side of writing. It’s the DOING that tends to be my problem. I’m also taking the slightly cheaty angle of pre-writing and scheduling posts. I actually already to this anyway with most posts. at the very minimum I just schedule things to post at 6 PM local time each day (7PM for Lameazoid), because consistency feels better.

I don’t even care much about the whole achievements of the whole Blaugust deal, it’s just an excuse to try to create that motivation. I do find that planning things actually does help. A few years ago when I was trying to push myself to really keep up on Lameazoid I had a whole spreadsheet going with days and themed days and lists of what was coming each week and day and even pre researched things like, release dates for movies and games I cared about so I could do lead ups and related posts. In theory all this is supposed to be good for SEO, I guess, but I have never been able to make SEO work, like at all.

Side note to spammers, I am not interested in your SEO Improvement product, please don’t spam me I’ll just ignore it, assuming I even see it.

I was thinking of including my little “todo list” note here but maybe I will just avoid the spoilers and not. the Friday album posts are of course part of it though. I also plan to start a second music related post series I’ve been considering doing for a while now. And keeping with the music theme, I’m going to a concert on the 13th, so there will be a post for that. I don’t plan to keep only to music, this isn’t actually a “music blog”, it’s just a person nerd blog (Blogging Intensifies = Nerd Stuff, Lameazoid = Geek Stuff). I hope to do more programming focused posts, some personal thoughts and opinions posts. I may also do some societal issues sort of posts, because I have plenty of opinions there that I mostly just keep to myself but maybe I should not (spoiler, my political leaning is pretty progressive).

Anyway, the point is to write, and even if it fizzles out again after August, at least I tried to build the habit again. Also for anyone keeping score, those news digests posts don’t count.