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More or Less…

This blog is basically a starting over.  I’ve been blogging and posting online for a very long time, after a period of burn out, I’ve decided to simply…. start fresh.   My previous and most popular website was Lameazoid.com, which I’ve obliterated, it’s not just a tumbler of random junk from online.  The primary focus of Lameazoid was video games and toys, both hobbies I have.  There were reviews, photo galleries, commentary, that sort of thing.  Overtime I just sort of got tired of writing about this.  It also had an archive spanning back almost 15 years, pulled from WordPress blogs, Blogger blogs, Livejournal posts and HTML Geocities pages.  It was essentially just too big to manage, so I decided to just start over.

The primary focus of [BI] is not toys or video games, it’s technology, and my projects.  It’s not really a portfolio or anything, I will probably post finish projects in a useful format, but for the most part it’s just discussion of things I’m working on in a pretty open free flow format.   I may also post some opinions or thoughts on technology adjacent news or topics.

Blog Disclaimer

Projects are created of my own idea and design though often influenced by the ideas of others and often combining methods found online.  Posts may contain affiliate links for Amazon when applicable, this is mostly just to offset some cost of running the site and frankly, I’ve never made anything off of these links anyway.  Opinions, views, ideas, etc are my own and do not represent those of others or those of my day job.

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