Blogging Intensifies Link List for Friday 2023-06-09

09-Jun-2023 – Trump took nuclear secrets and kept files in shower, charges say

Brief Summary: “Donald Trump is accused of keeping classified documents in a ballroom and bathroom at his Florida ho”

09-Jun-2023 – Recreating an Analog TV Test Pattern

Brief Summary: “While most countries have switched to digital broadcasting, and most broadcasts themselves have prog”

09-Jun-2023 – Apple To Stop Autocorrecting Swear Word To ‘Ducking’ On iPhone

Brief Summary: “At Apple’s developer conference earlier this week, the company said it has tweaked the iPhone’s auto”

09-Jun-2023 – ‘Shadow of the Dragon Queen’: Steel Edition’ Should Be In Any Dragonlance Fan’s Horde

Brief Summary: “It’s time to return to the Pandemonium Warehouse as today I look at Shadow of the Dragonqueen: Steel”

09-Jun-2023 – Elon Musk Says Twitter Is Going To Get Rid Of The Block Feature, Enabling Greater Harassment

Brief Summary: “One of the most important tools for trust and safety efforts is the “block” feature, allowing a user”

09-Jun-2023 – I Have No Sympathy For The Stack Overflow Moderator Strike

Brief Summary: “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The guardians of Stack Overflow, those volunteer moderators “