Tuesday 2023-06-27 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-06-27

27-Jun-2023 – Cleaner Accidentally Ruins Decades of US College’s Research By Turning Off Freezer

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: A cleaner at a college in New York state acci”

27-Jun-2023 – Introducing ChatGPT mobile app. Use ChatGPT on your phone

Brief Summary: “After the release of the ChatGPT application, it gained a lot of popularity because of what it can d”

27-Jun-2023 – Open source Theme Hospital game engine CorsixTH v0.67 gets a first Beta

Brief Summary: “Oh goodie, goodbye again free time. Remember the classic Theme Hospital? CorsixTH is a free, open so”

26-Jun-2023 – WinGPT Is a New ChatGPT App For Your Ancient Windows 3.1 PC

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Someone has created a ChatGPT app for Windows 3.”

Monday 2023-06-26 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Monday 2023-06-26

26-Jun-2023 – Reddit Mods Are Calling For An ‘Affordable Return’ For Third-Party Apps

Brief Summary: “Moderators of popular Reddit communities have posted open letters to the company, requesting afforda”

26-Jun-2023 – Modern TLS/SSL on 16-bit Windows

Brief Summary: “Comments”

26-Jun-2023 – AI is killing the web with spam sites, mass article producing “AI editors”, AI-generated junk on Etsy, Reddit, and Wikipedia that exhausts moderators, and more (James Vincent/The Verge)

Brief Summary: ”
James Vincent / The Verge:
AI is killing the web with spam sites, mass article producing “AI edito”

26-Jun-2023 – Netflix’s Basic Plan is No Longer Available in Canada

Brief Summary: “Netflix’s Basic plan is no longer available for new or rejoining members in Canada. The company prev”

25-Jun-2023 – Cowboy Bebop RPG’s faithful recreation of the jazzy, sci-fi anime is now available

Brief Summary: ”
The official tabletop RPG adaptation of anime classic Cowboy Bebop is now available online as a di”

Project – Record Shelf

Since I’ve actually taken an interest in vinyl records, One thing I really wanted to do was build a simple little record shelf. This would serve two purposes basically. One, it looks cool. Two, it gives me another way to decorate the basement a bit. The concrete block walls are a pain to work with, especially the outside wall where all my music stuff is. The temperature changes mean nothing sticks to it long term. In other areas I’ve hung frames from the rafters using small chains. For this space, I’ve got a nice shelf I can use and swap out what’s on display as I get more records.

It wasn’t an overly complicated project, but it took longer than planned since my wife had the garage full of garage sale stuff and I couldn’t really reach any tools. Also it’s been blazing hot out, and I don’t care to work outside in that much heat. On the problem of the heat, probably sometime int he fall, I’ll drag the shelf and the lower shelving out and stain and seal it. Neither plays very well with the heat either.

The shelf itself is a handful of 1×4 pine boards. It’s a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. For starters, I like the look of inset joints over just using metal L braces, so I went and inset and glued the shelves inside the sides. This was a bit tricky because I don’t actually own any bar clamps. I also added the little back catch pieces under each shelf, so the albums wouldn’t be resting on the wall itself. This was slightly complicated because there is a power conduit running down this wall i had to work around. The shelves themselves are notched around the power conduit as well. I also only have so many clamps large enough to glue these, so it took like a week of “clue one piece then come back.”

Each shelf also has an angled groove cut along the length so the albums sit slightly down in the shelf and are more secure. The whole thing is screwed to the rafter above for support. In fact the whole thing is much sturdier than I thought it would be. My main worry is that the albums would tumble off, damaging the records, but now that it’s up, I actually am not worried about that at all. Everything is very stable.

Also, my original plan was to stick the CD holder I had been using back on the lower shelf, in front of the new shelf. I immediately hated this look. But I also realized that there was a small gap near the bottom, so I added one more smaller shelf to put (most of) the CDs on. I really liked this end result. Plus the board I used here was a different type of wood that was just around, and it’s a much sturdier type of wood than the pine, so I didn’t end up needing to add a center leg like I had worried I might need to do.

I suppose it’s also worth noting the equipment itself. The entire set up is pretty minimal. Everything is centered around this small mixer and amp combination.

I originally bought the mixer for use at my PC, I wanted to be able to play games on one machine, and watch a video on another machine, and merge the audio out one headset. That didn’t really work out to be as useful as I had hoped, but instead I get to use the mixer for my music instead. The amp I bought to go with some nice JBL speakers I had, that needed 2 wire connections to work, also connected to the PC originally. Except I never ever use anything but a headset on my PC, so it was a waste.

Connected to the Mixer are the input options. They can be played all at once, since it’s a mixer not a switch, but I’m not sure why you would want to. There is a Raspberry Pi hidden under the little shelf that connect to my music library and can be controlled remotely via a webpage. I have this kind of mediocre CD player that I’ll probably replace one day with something better, but still compact. Even a portable CD player would probably work better. There is also an Amazon Echo connected, but since Amazon jacked up their music service, I don’t use it as much. I also have an aux cord hanging off for connecting to a phone.

Lastly is my record player, which I bought at a garage sale. It works pretty well for my needs though. It’s an Audiotechnica AT-LP60, nothing fancy.

Lastly I have this recently acquired audio switcher. Right now I just have the one set of speakers, but at the very least, it will be easy to add a second set outside so I can listen to music while out on the deck or porch under the deck out back. The output selector will make this much easier to accomplish and it’s something I’d thought about getting at some point before, then I came across one at an estate sale.

Sunday 2023-06-25 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-06-25

25-Jun-2023 – This Camera Does Not Exist

Brief Summary: “Blender is a professional-grade 3D-rendering platform and much more, but it suffers sometimes from t”

25-Jun-2023 – LastPass users locked out (again) with infinite 2FA loop

Brief Summary: “Comments”

Saturday 2023-06-24 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Saturday 2023-06-24

24-Jun-2023 – An Open Source Firmware for Cheap Geiger Counters

Brief Summary: “It is a time-honored tradition: buy some cheap piece of gear and rewrite the firmware to make it wor”

24-Jun-2023 – Save Turner Classic Movies

Brief Summary: “WASHINGTON — I co-starred with Sir Alec Guinness in a movie where a submersible travels down to the “

23-Jun-2023 – Starbucks adds a clear coffee to all its stores in Japan this summer

Brief Summary: ”
The Coffeeade Cool Lime offers a unique type of caffeine refreshment.

Last summer, Starbucks Reser”