Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-06-11

11-Jun-2023 – Hyundai is Doomed: Porting the 1993 Classic To a Hyundai Head Unit

Brief Summary: “In the natural order of the world, porting DOOM to any newly unlocked computing system is an absolut”

11-Jun-2023 – Marc Andreessen Criticizes ‘AI Doomers’, Warns the Bigger Danger is China Gaining AI Dominance

Brief Summary: “This week venture capitalist Marc Andreessen published “his views on AI, the risks it poses and the “

11-Jun-2023 – How to make digital business cards and share them via QR codes

Brief Summary: ”

A previous employer found it important that the whole team had business c”

11-Jun-2023 – Modern Brownie Camera Talks SD and WiFi

Brief Summary: “If you’re at all into nostalgic cameras, you’ve certainly seen the old Brownie from Kodak. They were”

11-Jun-2023 – Chocolate Mint drink with 10 times the minty refreshment: Is it really as strong as it looks?

Brief Summary: ”
Cafe de Crie chain celebrates its 10th anniversary in a big way.

With the weather heating up, it’s”