The whole concept of the “Fediverse” and decentralization has been gaining a lot of traction lately, especially with the recent bull shit around Twitter. I’ve had a Mastodon account for a few years and have tried a few times to get into the whole ActivityPub decentralized thing a few times over the year after hearing it discussed on the TWIT Podcast a few times.

With the recent news of Automattic (owners of WordPress) buying the most popular Activity Pub plug in, I’ve decided to give it another go. So I’ve re-enabled the plug in, and actually made a better effort to look into what it means, and it, was, surprisingly pretty simple. I am sure it can do more, but basically, both of my blogs can now be followed on other ActivityPub based Fedi-verse systems. Specifically, the two accounts, for now, are:


I followed both, basically, the easy way, is to slap one or the other in the search box on Mastodon or a Mastodon app, and they show up like any other account. I checked, and though the post is very long, and the images don’t show properly, sure enough, it shows up in Tusky.

i could see some fun possibilities here, though I don’t know that anyone cares enough to actually follow any of it in the first place. The first I’ll probably try, i have a system that posts blobs of links that I share via Fresh RSS daily (if there is anything to share). These currently just post with me as the author. However, I could easily change this to another user, say, “LinkBot” and give it a separate feed, so could be followed, just for those links.

I could make other sub accounts like this too, maybe I could have one that’s just a feed of random food photos. I could set up something on Lameazoid for toy photos or video games screen shots.

I will add in that the concept is neat, but I also am not sure I really prefer it to just straight RSS. It seems a bit overly complicated when “Really Simple Syndication” is a thing.