Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-01-31

23-Jan-2023 – JWST Heralds a New Dawn for Exoplanet Science

Brief Summary: “The James Webb Space Telescope is opening an exciting new chapter in the study of exoplanets and the search for life beyond EarthAn illustration of th”

31-Jan-2023 – Overwatch 2 is making it easier and cheaper for you to get older skins

Brief Summary: “Image: Blizzard EntertainmentTo coincide with the release of season 3, Overwatch 2 is reintroducing Overwatch credits, giving players ways to earn tho”

31-Jan-2023 – Colossal Cave returns from the 1970s in a 3D reimagining

Brief Summary: “Colossal Cave, originally released in 1977 from Will Crowther and Don Woods has been revived and reimagined for modern audiences.”

30-Jan-2023 – Building a Retro Linux Gaming Computer – Part 23: Ready, Set, Go!

Brief Summary: “If you look at the commercial Linux gaming catalogue at the turn of the millennium, in amongst all of the 3D shooters and strategic simulations being “

30-Jan-2023 – Free Minecraft-like game MineClone2 v0.82.0 for Minetest out now

Brief Summary: “A free and open source survival sandbox game pack for the voxel game engine Minetest, MineClone2 is as close to Minecraft as you can get without playi”

31-Jan-2023 – Rest in Virtual Peace, AltspaceVR: 2013 – 2023

Brief Summary: “I love VR. I’ve loved it for years, and I am excited to see what it still has to offer in the years and decades to come as an immersive, interactive d”

31-Jan-2023 – Netflix’s Password Sharing Cash Grab Finally Arrives In The States

Brief Summary: “After years of saying password sharing wasn’t really a big deal and was akin to free advertising, Netflix recently announced it would be cracking down”

30-Jan-2023 – Twitter Sued For Not Paying Rent On Its SF Headquarters And Its London Offices

Brief Summary: “There have been a bunch of stories about how one of Elon’s big “cost saving” techniques was to stop paying for basically anything, including rent.


30-Jan-2023 – Asteroid’s sudden flyby shows blind spot in planetary threat detection

Brief Summary: “The discovery of an asteroid the size of a small shipping truck mere days before it passed Earth on Thursday, albeit one that posed no threat to human”

30-Jan-2023 – Hacker finds bug that allowed anyone to bypass Facebook 2FA

Brief Summary: “Hacker finds bug that allowed anyone to bypass Facebook 2FAA bug in a new centralized system that Meta created for users to manage their logins for Fa”

31-Jan-2023 – Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announce Bad Boys 4

Brief Summary: “They ride together. They Die Together. And now Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have announced Bad Boys 4 together.  Taking to Instagram, Will Smith, ak”

30-Jan-2023 – Mario battles Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie promo

Brief Summary: “Illumination has released a new TV spot for the animated feature adaptation of the iconic Nintendo video game series, The Super Mario Bros. Movie whic”