Blogging Intensifies Link List for Saturday 2023-01-28

28-Jan-2023 – American Truck Simulator DLC will head to Kansas after Oklahoma

Brief Summary: “American Truck Simulator hasn’t yet received its already-announced Oklahoma DLC, but work is underway on the state that will follow it: Kansas. You’ll”

28-Jan-2023 – Dungeons and Dragons scraps new OGL plans after backlash

Brief Summary: “Wizards of the Coast has scrapped their plans for a new Dungeons and Dragons Open Game License (OGL) after massive backlash from players, content crea”

28-Jan-2023 – Wine 8.0 Released — and Plenty of Improvements are Included

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader shares this report from OMG! Ubuntu:

Developers have just uncorked a brand new release of Wine, the open source compatibility lay”

28-Jan-2023 – D&D Won’t Change Its Original 1.0 OGL License, Reference Document Enters Creative Commons

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader shares a report from PC Gamer:

In a blog post published Friday, Wizards of the Coast announced that it is fully putting the kibos”

27-Jan-2023 – Reverse-Engineering the Conditional Jump Circuitry in the 8086 Processor

Brief Summary: “The condition PLA evaluates microcode conditionals.As simple as a processor’s instruction set may seem, especially in a 1978-era one like the Intel 80”

09-Jan-2023 – Neon Modem Overdrive

Brief Summary: “Neon Modem Overdrive

Neon Modem Overdrive is a BBS-style command line client that
supports Discourse, Lemmy, Lobsters and
Hacker News as backends, an”

25-Jan-2023 – Factorio is about to increase in price so be quick

Brief Summary: “The developers of the awesome Factorio have announced that the price is about to go up, so if you still haven’t purchased it now is the time.”

23-Jan-2023 – Free open source RPG ‘FreedroidRPG’ arrives on Steam

Brief Summary: “It’s not going to win any awards on style but some of you may want to know that the classic free and open source RPG FreedroidRPG is now on Steam.”

27-Jan-2023 – Selfie: An educational platform for teaching systems engineering

Brief Summary: “Comments”

22-Jan-2023 – PHP Will Not Die

Brief Summary: “PHP, the programming language that has been declared dead more times than a cat has lives, is still very much alive and kicking. Despite what some eli”

27-Jan-2023 – Mumbling actors, bad speakers or lazy listeners? Why everyone is watching TV with subtitles on

Brief Summary: “Subtitles aren’t just for the hard of hearing, with Netflix reporting 40% of its viewers regularly use them. But do we just enjoy them or is there a m”

27-Jan-2023 – Taylor Swift has shared a video for ‘Lavender Haze’ – watch

Brief Summary: “Taylor Swift has released a video for ‘Lavender Haze’. The latest visual from her 2022 album, ‘Midnights’, features transgender activist and actor Lai”

27-Jan-2023 – Maisie Peters is kicking off a new era with her track ‘Body Better’

Brief Summary: “Maisie Peters has dropped a new single, ‘Body Better’.

The first single from her soon-to-be-announced second album, it was penned alongside Ines Du”

26-Jan-2023 – Zara Larsson has dropped her massive new single, ‘Can’t Tame Her’

Brief Summary: “Zara Larsson has released her new single, ‘Can’t Tame Her’.

The track was co-written by the artist herself alongside MNEK and MTHR and produced by”

26-Jan-2023 – PVRIS has dropped her new single ‘Goddess’

Brief Summary: “PVRIS has released a new single, ‘Goddess’.

The track coincides with a bunch of UK and European dates, with Lynn Gunn commenting: “It’s a celebrati”

27-Jan-2023 – Adam Driver battles dinosaurs in new trailer for sci-fi 65

Brief Summary: “Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for writer-directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ upcoming sci-fi thriller 65. The film follows pilot Mills (A”