Blogging Intensifies Link List for Thursday 2023-01-12

12-Jan-2023 – HBO Max Increases Monthly Subscriber Price from US$14.99 to US$15.99

Brief Summary: “New ad-free plan pricing starts on February 11”

12-Jan-2023 – [Epic Games] Divine Knockout (DKO), First Class Trouble, Gamedec (Free/100% off)

Brief Summary: “submitted by /u/AT1952 [link] [comments]”

11-Jan-2023 – [Humble Bundle] Wadjet Eye: Sixteen Years of Adventure! (pay at least €9.48 for Unavowed, Strangeland, Primordia, Shardlight, Technobabylon, Resonance and more)

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/lovecrafthp [link] [comments] “

12-Jan-2023 – GOG officially ends its Steam-import Connect service after years of inactivity

Brief Summary: ”
GOG’s Connect service, which let users grab a free copy of a game they already owned on Steam to add their GOG library, is officially no more.


12-Jan-2023 – Legend of Zelda cartoon writers reveal D&D influences

Brief Summary: ”
I may be biased, but I really feel that 1989 was a great year (I am biased because it was the year I was born). But, aside from my arrival in the wor”

11-Jan-2023 – Last year was a disaster for PC games – here’s how things need to change

Brief Summary: ”
2022 was a rough year for PC ports. Between stuttering performance issues and infuriating user experience problems, I was almost broken as a reviewer”

11-Jan-2023 – NES The Legend of Zelda recreated in VR Doom mod

Brief Summary: ”
If you’ve ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in The Legend of Zelda now’s your chance as a modder has made the original NES game playable in VR.

11-Jan-2023 – ClassicPress Community Votes to Re-Fork WordPress

Brief Summary: “In December 2022, the ClassicPress community voted on whether to re-fork WordPress or continue on with the project as-is. As WordPress continues to ev”

12-Jan-2023 – Humble’s excellent Wadjet Eye bundle has 13 games for less than a tenner

Brief Summary: “Wadjet Eye Games are behind some of the greatest point and click adventures of the last two decades, and if you’ve been looking for an excuse to catch”

12-Jan-2023 – The Legend of Zelda: How Every Version of  Zelda Is Related

Brief Summary: “Despite its name, the Legend of Zelda series has historically focused on Link. Even though they share the same name, most Links in the franchise are a”

12-Jan-2023 – Mega Man-like side-scroller action game Super Alloy Ranger now on Linux

Brief Summary: “Enjoy games similar to Mega Man? Like running and gunning? Super Alloy Ranger looks interesting and they recently put up a Native Linux version too.”