Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-01-15

22-Jun-2020 – How to search Google without using Google, the self-hosted way

Brief Summary: “Hello everyone!
Last week I was talking with a friend and he was complaining about how Google knows everything about us,
so I took the chance to recom”

13-Jan-2023 – Deep Rock Galactic sold 2.3 million copies last year and I’m not surprised – it’s awesome

Brief Summary: “Deep Rock Galactic is a game about a bunch of Dwarves going mining, and there’s lots of creepy-crawlies that want to get in the way. It seems to only “

13-Jan-2023 – TNT Won’t Air Final Season of SNOWPIERCER

Brief Summary: ”
The small screen bloodbath continues. Deadline reports that Season 4 of Snowpiercer, the final outing of TNT’s last scripted series, won’t air on the”

13-Jan-2023 – Final Fantasy 7 mod adds voice acting to original game

Brief Summary: ”
The original Final Fantasy 7 is now fully voice acted, thanks to a new mod by the Tsunamods community.

Available today, Echo-S 7 adds voice acting t”

14-Jan-2023 – Is Hasbro Slowly Choking The Collecting Communities?

Brief Summary: “Today I want to talk about Hasbro’s current business strategy. This is not about whether or not Hasbro will go down, they will not, but ever since Chr”