Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-02-19

17-Feb-2023 – Official: Twitter will now charge for SMS two-factor authentication

Brief Summary: “Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty ImagesFour hours ago, Platformer’s Zoe Schiffer tweeted a scoop: Twitter would begin charging for SM”

17-Feb-2023 – The Marvels is being pushed back to November

Brief Summary: “Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Ms. Marvel. | Image: Disney Plus / MarvelThe Marvels — director Nia DaCosta’s follow-up to the first Captain Marvel — “

17-Feb-2023 – Roblox is working on generative AI tools

Brief Summary: “Image: RobloxRoblox (the company) is working on generative AI tools to help developers who build experiences on Roblox more easily create games and as”

17-Feb-2023 – All Your Base Are Belong to Us — Zero Wing (and other classics) hit Steam

Brief Summary: “Zero Wing along with other shoot ’em up classics Out Zone, Twin Cobra and Truxton from Toaplan and Bitwave Games have their brand new PC releases out.”

17-Feb-2023 – The full list of releases for Record Store Day 2023 have been revealed, with Taylor Swift, The 1975, Blur, Bastille, The Big Moon and more

Brief Summary: “The full list of releases for this year’s highly anticipated Record Store Day has finally been unveiled. Taking place on Saturday, April 22nd, the eve”

18-Feb-2023 – Gentle Scrabble hacks

Brief Summary: “Perhaps these might make a great game more fun:

Maximize total score: Exactly the same rules as regular Scrabble, but focus on increasing the total”

18-Feb-2023 – Fast X Trailer: Bad Guys Have Families Too, Dom!

Brief Summary: ”
At a time when the Star Wars movie franchise doesn’t seem to be making any headway, The Fast And Furious franchise is riding strong into its 10th mov”

17-Feb-2023 – Daredevil Movie Director Admits Backlash On Kingpin Casting

Brief Summary: ”
Did you know that a live-action Daredevil Movie exists? Daredevil is enjoying its 20th anniversary this year! That’s right, Daredevil had it’s openin”

18-Feb-2023 – Hasbro unveils new Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics figures

Brief Summary: “As Dungeons & Dragons prepares to make its big screen comeback with the upcoming Honor Among Thieves, Hasbro has unveiled three new 6-inch Cartoon Cla”

17-Feb-2023 – Universal Orlando Announces Super Nintendo World

Brief Summary: “New area planned for Epic Universe theme park”