Tuesday 2023-02-28 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-02-28

28-Feb-2023 – How to set up two-factor authentication on your online services

Brief Summary: “Illustration by Samar Haddad / The VergeRecently, it was announced that Twitter would only offer SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) to its Twit”

28-Feb-2023 – LastPass reveals attackers stole password vault data by hacking an employee’s home computer

Brief Summary: “The attacker stole credentials from a senior DevOps engineer to gain access to shared cloud storage containing the encryption keys for customer vault “

28-Feb-2023 – Is the Alpha Wolf Idea a Myth?

Brief Summary: “The idea that wolf packs are led by a merciless dictator, or alpha wolf, comes from old studies of captive wolves. In the wild, wolf packs are simply “

28-Feb-2023 – Repurposing Old Smartphones: When Reusing Makes More Sense Than Recycling

Brief Summary: “When looking at the specifications of smartphones that have been released over the past years, it’s remarkable to see how aspects like CPU cores, cloc”

28-Feb-2023 – Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times In 2022

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader quotes a report from KrebsOnSecurity: Three different cybercriminal groups claimed access to internal networks at communications g”

28-Feb-2023 – Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times in 2022

Brief Summary: “Image: Shutterstock.com
Three different cybercriminal groups claimed access to internal networks at communications giant T-Mobile in more than 100 sep”

28-Feb-2023 – Star Wars Actor “Gutted” After Reading The Last Jedi Script

Brief Summary: “We don’t mean to blow your mind, but somebody on the internet has an opinion about The Last Jedi. Even after more than five years, people still feel t”

28-Feb-2023 – Super Mario Bros. movie now releasing two days early in US and “60 other markets”

Brief Summary: ”
Universal Pictures is shifting the release date of The Super Mario Bros. Movie forward by two days to 5th April in the US and “60 other markets”.


28-Feb-2023 – Netflix producing stop-motion Pokémon series, stars human concierge at resort for Pokémon【Video】

Brief Summary: ”
Creators of stop-motion Rilakkuma series turn their talents to traveling Pokémon in need of relaxation.

You won’t find many multimedia franchises wh”

27-Feb-2023 – Christopher Landon says cancelled Happy Death Day 3 was set to be “post-apocalyptic”

Brief Summary: “Happy Death Day brought some refreshing energy into the slasher genre, mixing a little of old and new to delight horror fans. While the sequel didn’t “

27-Feb-2023 – Kerbal Space Program 2 early access review: a catastrophic re-entry

Brief Summary: “Oh no, poor Kerbal Space Program 2. The extremely anticipated sequel to everyone’s favourite rocket-building space exploration game is a hot mess. A l”

26-Feb-2023 – New Lord of the Rings movies are coming from Warner Bros. and New Line

Brief Summary: “Warner Bros. and New Line announced they’re set to produce new Lord of the Rings movies, now that its rights have a new owner. The new film adaptation”

26-Feb-2023 – Hand Dryers

Brief Summary: “”

27-Feb-2023 – CHVRCHES have announced a trio of headline shows for this summer

Brief Summary: “CHVRCHES have announced they will perform three UK headline shows this summer.

They will take to the stage in Nottingham, Glasgow and Dundee on 9t”

27-Feb-2023 – Gorillaz have shared a deluxe edition of ‘Cracker Island’, featuring five new songs

Brief Summary: “Gorillaz have added an extra helping of tracks to their new album ‘Cracker Island’.

The deluxe edition features five additional tracks, including ‘”

27-Feb-2023 – LastPass Says Home Computer of DevOps Engineer Was Hacked

Brief Summary: “wiredmikey shares a report from SecurityWeek: Password management software firm LastPass says one of its DevOps engineers had a personal home computer”

27-Feb-2023 – Meta Is Working On ‘AI Personas’ For Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

Brief Summary: “In a Facebook post today, Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to develop “AI personas” for Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. He also announced tha”

27-Feb-2023 – LastPass says DevOps engineer’s hacked computer led to security breach in 2022

Brief Summary: “Comments”

28-Feb-2023 – Microsoft opens up PC Game Pass to 40 new countries in big subscription push

Brief Summary: “Image: MicrosoftMicrosoft is bringing a preview of its PC Game Pass service to 40 new countries today. The preview will include access to all the hund”

27-Feb-2023 – Password managers: A rough guide to enterprise secret platforms

Brief Summary: “The second part of our password manager series looks at business-grade tech to handle API tokens, login credentials, and more”

Sunday 2023-02-26 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-02-26

26-Feb-2023 – Pluralistic: Dow promised to turn sneakers into playground surfaces, then dumped them in Indonesia (26 Feb 2023)

Brief Summary: ”
Today’s links
Dow promised to turn sneakers into playground surfaces, then dumped them in Indonesia: Corporate “recycling” programs are just obfuscat”

26-Feb-2023 – REVIEW: ‘Kirby’s Return To Dreamland Deluxe’ Is A Valiant Return (Switch)

Brief Summary: “Reading Time: 3 minutes Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe is top-shelf 2D Kirby platforming in this redo and expansion of the Wii-era title for the “

26-Feb-2023 – Every Disney+ Original Star Wars Series Ranked from Worst to Best

Brief Summary: “Ahead of The Mandalorian Season 3, Olly Dyche ranks Disney+’s original Star Wars shows from worst to best… Star Wars is one of the most popular franch”

26-Feb-2023 – No Country for an Old ‘Cocaine Bear’

Brief Summary: “Cocaine Bear is based on a true story inspired by actual events, based on things that have happened; the filmmakers cross their hearts and hope to die”

Saturday 2023-02-25 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Saturday 2023-02-25

25-Feb-2023 – Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone

Brief Summary: “Comments”

25-Feb-2023 – Online 3D Viewer for FreeCAD files

Brief Summary: “Comments”

25-Feb-2023 – Building a Minimalistic Virtual Machine

Brief Summary: “Comments”

25-Feb-2023 – Ubuntu Flavors Agree to Stop Using Flatpak

Brief Summary: “Phoronix reports:

While Ubuntu Linux hasn’t provided Flatpak support out-of-the-box due to their preference of using their own Snap app packaging/dis”

25-Feb-2023 – Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone

Brief Summary: “Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at homeNokia has announced one of the first budget An”

25-Feb-2023 – M.O.D.O.K. leads the latest Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania character posters

Brief Summary: “With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania now in cinemas, Marvel Studios is putting the spotlight on the supporting players of the MCU threequel with the”

24-Feb-2023 – New Lord of The Rings Movies Coming

Brief Summary: ”
In a stunning announcement, Warner Bros. Discovery will be releasing new Lord Of The Rings movies. Yes, NEW movies are coming based on the beloved bo”

24-Feb-2023 – WordPress 6.2 Openverse Integration Hotlinks Images, Contributors Propose Uploading to Media Library as a Better Default

Brief Summary: “WordPress 6.2 is set to introduce an integration with Openverse that allows users to quickly insert free, openly-licensed media into their content. It”

25-Feb-2023 – How I enhanced the Cada C55018W Initial D AE86 Trueno (started out as a review)

Brief Summary: ” *the above picture is not mine.  I found it on the internet.Hello brick fans!  Just wanted to let you know that I recently won an Initial D prize pac”

Friday 2023-02-24 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Friday 2023-02-24

03-Sep-2022 – Gamestorming: Zelda III

Brief Summary: “What might have been, in another universe where I became a game designer.”

24-Feb-2023 – Grab a free copy of splendid sci-fi horror game Duskers from Epic

Brief Summary: “”A better Alien game than any official Alien game” is how our Brendy described 2016’s Duskers, the latest game that’s going free for keepsies on the E”

23-Feb-2023 – PlayStation Logo Sound Effect Creator/Musician Tohru Okada Passes Away

Brief Summary: “Rock band Moonriders keyboardist/founder passed away at 73 due to heart failure”

22-Feb-2023 – On Retro Development, Mystery Cults, and Losing Near

Brief Summary: “Synopsis: Since the beginning of microcomputer and console homebrew development, the scene has been insular and fiercely protective of its secrets. Th”

24-Feb-2023 – Pokémon reveals Captain Pikachu, star of the new post-Ash Ketchum TV show

Brief Summary: ”
What is Pokémon without Pikachu? It’s a question fans have been asking ever since it was confirmed that TV series stars Ash Ketchum and his faithful “

23-Feb-2023 – Dead Cells’ Return to Castlevania DLC will let you play as Richter Belmont

Brief Summary: ”
Developer Motion Twin has dropped a few final teases for rogue-like action-platformer Dead Cells’ paid Castlevania expansion ahead of its launch on 6″

23-Feb-2023 – Steam announces dates for this year’s sale events

Brief Summary: “I think it’s fair to say we’re all a little bit strapped for cash right now.Helpfully, you can now take your financial planning for this year one step”

24-Feb-2023 – CHVRCHES have opened a fresh chapter with their new single ‘Over’

Brief Summary: “CHVRCHES have dropped their new single, ‘Over‘.

First teased earlier this year, the new cut was first announced via social media, with the band exp”

24-Feb-2023 – Gorillaz: Welcome to our island

Brief Summary: “We’ve heard of cult bands before, but with their new album ‘Cracker Island’, Gorillaz are taking it to extremes.

Words: Jessica Goodman.Illustratio”

23-Feb-2023 – John Glenn Goes Into Orbit

Brief Summary: “Astronaut John Glenn enters the Mercury spacecraft, Friendship 7, prior to the launch of Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) on Feb. 20, 1962.”

Wednesday 2023-02-22 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Wednesday 2023-02-22

22-Feb-2023 – The “AI Critic” Prompt – Prompt Engineering Tips

Brief Summary: “Today, we’re exploring the “AI Critic” prompt – a prompting style that promises to take your prompt engineering to the next level.

With this powerf”

22-Feb-2023 – Amazon closes $3.9 billion buy of membership-based healthcare provider One Medical

Brief Summary: “Illustration by Alex Castro / The VergeAmazon has closed its $3.9 billion acquisition of membership-based healthcare provider One Medical, which was o”

22-Feb-2023 – COVID Poses Severe Risks during Pregnancy, Especially in Unvaccinated People

Brief Summary: “Pregnant people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are more likely to be admitted to an intensive care unit or die than those who are uninfected, but vaccinatio”

22-Feb-2023 – Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets – Let’s Play

Brief Summary: “Hello friends. This is a Let’s Play video of “Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets”. Enjoy chill Lo-fi walks and fight bosses to K-POP, EDM and Hip-“

20-Feb-2023 – Privateer Easter Egg Bottled up for Thirty Years?

Brief Summary: “I think I might have found a neat reference. Ultima fans, follow me for a moment. Here are screenshots of (some of) bartenders from Privateer. The hea”

22-Feb-2023 – ‘Instant makes me physically sick’: Five twats who’ve gone too far down the coffee rabbit hole

Brief Summary: “GOT a friend who’s way too obsessed with coffee? They may well fit one of these categories of ‘coffee twat’.
Obsessed with beans twat
They’ve only bee”

22-Feb-2023 – I Explained To A Court How California’s ‘Kid’s Code’ Is Both Impossible To Comply With & An Attack On Our Expression

Brief Summary: “Last year, Techdirt was one of only a very few sites where you could find out information on California’s AB 2273, officially the “California Age Appr”

22-Feb-2023 – ChatGPT-Style Search Represents a 10x Cost Increase For Google, Microsoft

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Today Google search works by building a huge index of the web, and when you search for somethin”

21-Feb-2023 – ChatGPT-written books are flooding Amazon as people turn to AI for quick publishing

Brief Summary: “There were over 200 e-books in Amazon’s Kindle store as of mid-February listing ChatGPT as an author, but there is no requirement to disclose the use “

22-Feb-2023 – Supporting beginner programmers in primary school using TIPP&SEE

Brief Summary: “Every young learner needs a successful start to their learning journey in the primary computing classroom. One aspect of this for teachers is to intro”

22-Feb-2023 – Daft Punk have announced a 10th anniversary edition of Random Access Memories

Brief Summary: “Daft Punk have announced the release of a special and expanded edition of Random Access Memories.

Marking its 10th anniversary in 2023, the record”

22-Feb-2023 – Gorillaz – Cracker Island

Brief Summary: “Label: ParlophoneReleased: 24th February 2023

Welcome to Cracker Island, the newfound home of Gorillaz. In search of a singular truth, Noodle, Murd”

22-Feb-2023 – Ava Max has announced a new tour in support of her latest album, ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’

Brief Summary: “Ava Max has announced a new tour.

Performing in support of her latest album, ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’, her ‘On Tour (Finally)’ run will kick off on”

21-Feb-2023 – Minecraft adds new Mega Man X DLC

Brief Summary: “Minecraft‘s newest DLC features the classic Capcom franchise Mega Man X. The DLC features 14 skins, a level pack where the player gets to eventually f”

22-Feb-2023 – Angry Birds will leave Android store, developer says it’s just too popular

Brief Summary: ”
The original Angry Birds is being pulled from Google Play due to its business “impact” on developer Rovio’s other mobile games.

On iPhone, Angry Bi”

22-Feb-2023 – Rosario Dawson expects Star Wars: Ahsoka to premiere in the Fall

Brief Summary: “It is an exciting time for Star Wars fans as the third season of The Mandalorian will premiere next week, but there is much more on the horizon as pro”