Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-02-12

09-Feb-2023 – Dead Cells board game coming from designers of 7 Wonders and Cyclades

Brief Summary: “Dead Cells, the indie video game, is getting turned into a board game by the designers of 7 Wonders – Antoine Bauza – and Cyclades: Bauza and Ludovic “

09-Feb-2023 – Epic’s new clips app helps you easily share moments from Fortnite and Rocket League

Brief Summary: “Land an awesome jump? Clip it. | Image: Epic GamesEpic Games has just released Postparty, a new iOS and Android app to help you share clips from your “

10-Feb-2023 – Game Boys and Samus and Zelda, Oh My!

Brief Summary: “Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct video presentation was an absolute barnburner! Previously delayed titles like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom an”

09-Feb-2023 – A 3D Printed way to Custom Mount your GoPro

Brief Summary: ”
With a 3D printed adapter, we can add a clamp for a camera mount to the middle of a hoverboard without obstructing riding or interfering with the pos”

12-Feb-2023 – Dungeons and Dragons Board Game from the 1980s holds a TMS1100

Brief Summary: “Today is a little tour back to the early 1980s when Mattel released the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Computer Labyrinth Game. [Cameron Kaiser] was dealing with “

11-Feb-2023 – Raspberry Pi Weather Station Features Wireless Sensor Nodes

Brief Summary: “Online weather services are great for providing generic area forecasts, but they don’t provide hyperlocal data specific to your location. [Harald Kreu”

12-Feb-2023 – Lego Releases ‘Insanely Detailed’ Lord of the Rings Set for $500

Brief Summary: “In J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Two Towers, it’s in Elrond’s home city of Rivendell that Frodo chooses to destroy the ring of power.
And now Lego has created”

10-Feb-2023 – Paramore – This Is Why

Brief Summary: “Label: Fueled By Ramen Released: 10th February 2023

Never stand still. That’s been the Paramore way for the last decade. From their self-titled fou”

09-Feb-2023 – Only Serifs

Brief Summary: “”

09-Feb-2023 – Is Testing AI-Generated Images and Content

Brief Summary: “ is currently testing two new blocks for generating images and paragraph content using AI. The blocks, which are currently labeled as exp”

10-Feb-2023 – Minecraft’s long-delayed archaeology system coming in this year’s 1.20 update

Brief Summary: ”
Nearly two years after its initial delay, Minecraft’s long-awaited archeology feature is finally on the horizon, with developer Mojang now confirming”

11-Feb-2023 – [IndieGala] Control Craft 2 ( 100% OFF / FREE )

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/aniruddhdodiya [link] [comments] “

09-Feb-2023 – [Epic] Recipe for Disaster (Free / 100% Off)

Brief Summary: “submitted by /u/Musth [link] [comments]”

09-Feb-2023 – Free Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Valentine’s cards available online from Square Enix【Photos】

Brief Summary: ”
Forget Cupid. This year let Chocobo and Slime deliver your message of love.

Finding your one true love isn’t easy. You’ll likely have to search far “