Blogging Intensifies Link List for Saturday 2023-03-11

10-Mar-2023 – Badge Art Revealed For Celebration Europe 2023

Brief Summary: “The official site has revealed the badge art for the upcoming Celebration Europe event next month. Created by digital artist Alice X. Zhang, this migh”

10-Mar-2023 – From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi Announced

Brief Summary: “As expected, the third book in the From a Certain Point of View series has been announced and will be released on September 5, 2023. Like the other tw”

10-Mar-2023 – #4410: Nissin Lamen Doce Sabor Chocolate – Brazil

Brief Summary: ”
After over 4400 reviews, finally. It’s happened. A chocolate instant noodle. To make things even more wonderful, it’s from Brazil. Thank to Cian for “

10-Mar-2023 – Ghibli Park Has a Problem with People Groping Statues

Brief Summary: ”
At Ghibli Park there are many statues of Studio Ghibli characters that fans can admire or take pictures with. However, some people have been using th”

10-Mar-2023 – Code Project – JavaScript Drum Kit

Brief Summary: “The second actual project from the class I’ve been doing is a simple clickable drum kit. Part of the purpose was to work with signs and to work with “

10-Mar-2023 – [Humble Bundle] Train Simulator Classic: On the Fast Track

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/Highwayz [link] [comments] “

10-Mar-2023 – Professor Layton’s new adventure turns him into Luke’s protégé

Brief Summary: ”
A new trailer for Professor Layton and the New World of Steam has shown off a neat twist to this surprise puzzle-solving sequel’s story.

After a lon”

10-Mar-2023 – Fortnite’s grind rails are just super

Brief Summary: ”
It says a lot about the pace and invention of Fortnite that, as soon as we heard the new update would add grind rails, as a team we started questioni”

09-Mar-2023 – Radians are Cursed

Brief Summary: “”

11-Mar-2023 – It’s Time to Reveal the Truth About the Star Wars Holiday Special

Brief Summary: “On Nov. 17, 1978, Princess Leia sang these lyrics to the melody of John Williams’ Star Wars theme: “We celebrate a day of peace/A day of harmony/A day”

11-Mar-2023 – Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Review – The Movie This Game Deserves

Brief Summary: “The world isn’t ending. Probably. Yet somehow in the realm of blockbuster cinema and high fantasy, it’s always seven seconds to midnight. Maybe that’s”

10-Mar-2023 – Recursive Sentences

Brief Summary: ”
It’s been a while since I last wrote up a specific lesson idea so when
my friend Garth asked about recursion ideas I thought I’d write this
one up. T”

10-Mar-2023 – Meta is Working on Twitter/Mastodon Alternative

Brief Summary: “Meta is working on a new text-based social network that’s also decentralized, similar to Mastodon. The project is codenamed ‘P92’, but it will reporte”

11-Mar-2023 – It’s a great time to start playing Dead Cells

Brief Summary: “Just me and my bud Alucard. | Screenshot by Jay Peters / The VergeThis week, the indie roguelike Dead Cells got a massive Castlevania-themed expansion”

11-Mar-2023 – Computers for Fun

Brief Summary: “The last couple years have seen an incredible flourishing of the cyberdeck scene, and probably for about as many reasons as there are individual ’deck”