Not a whole ton that’s overly exciting this month. I did listen to quite a bit of BT, whom is one of my all time favorite artists, even if my time listening to his stuff comes and goes. I think there was a bit of earlier stuff that I didn’t associate as being BT that I liked, but I remember that Never Gonna Come Back Down was the track that really got me into listening to more of BT’s music. It was on the soundtrack for Gone in 60 Seconds. In the actual movie, they play this really neat super low key remix of Never Gonna Come Back Down that I have never been able to find a copy of anywhere. It occurs when they are stealing the Ferraris from the garage.

Another older album I used to listen to on repeat that came back briefly this month was Rollergirl. suggests Rollergirl hasn’t had a release since 2002, which is probably around the time I was listening to this music. Also, apparently Roller girl is some German dude.

Still plenty of Sigrid and Tessa Violet going on. Plus a bit more CHVRCHES this month. I have to say, the more I listen to CHVRCHES, the more I like their stuff. Not that I didn’t like it before, I just, like it more.

Anyway, I’m just gonna close out here with a little Spotify Playlist I made up that collects together the more low key Sigrid tracks available on the service.