Blogging Intensifies Link List for Friday 2023-02-24

03-Sep-2022 – Gamestorming: Zelda III

Brief Summary: “What might have been, in another universe where I became a game designer.”

24-Feb-2023 – Grab a free copy of splendid sci-fi horror game Duskers from Epic

Brief Summary: “”A better Alien game than any official Alien game” is how our Brendy described 2016’s Duskers, the latest game that’s going free for keepsies on the E”

23-Feb-2023 – PlayStation Logo Sound Effect Creator/Musician Tohru Okada Passes Away

Brief Summary: “Rock band Moonriders keyboardist/founder passed away at 73 due to heart failure”

22-Feb-2023 – On Retro Development, Mystery Cults, and Losing Near

Brief Summary: “Synopsis: Since the beginning of microcomputer and console homebrew development, the scene has been insular and fiercely protective of its secrets. Th”

24-Feb-2023 – Pokémon reveals Captain Pikachu, star of the new post-Ash Ketchum TV show

Brief Summary: ”
What is Pokémon without Pikachu? It’s a question fans have been asking ever since it was confirmed that TV series stars Ash Ketchum and his faithful “

23-Feb-2023 – Dead Cells’ Return to Castlevania DLC will let you play as Richter Belmont

Brief Summary: ”
Developer Motion Twin has dropped a few final teases for rogue-like action-platformer Dead Cells’ paid Castlevania expansion ahead of its launch on 6″

23-Feb-2023 – Steam announces dates for this year’s sale events

Brief Summary: “I think it’s fair to say we’re all a little bit strapped for cash right now.Helpfully, you can now take your financial planning for this year one step”

24-Feb-2023 – CHVRCHES have opened a fresh chapter with their new single ‘Over’

Brief Summary: “CHVRCHES have dropped their new single, ‘Over‘.

First teased earlier this year, the new cut was first announced via social media, with the band exp”

24-Feb-2023 – Gorillaz: Welcome to our island

Brief Summary: “We’ve heard of cult bands before, but with their new album ‘Cracker Island’, Gorillaz are taking it to extremes.

Words: Jessica Goodman.Illustratio”

23-Feb-2023 – John Glenn Goes Into Orbit

Brief Summary: “Astronaut John Glenn enters the Mercury spacecraft, Friendship 7, prior to the launch of Mercury-Atlas 6 (MA-6) on Feb. 20, 1962.”