Blogging Intensifies Link List for Friday 2023-02-03

02-Feb-2023 – The Xbox 360 store won’t be closing down, despite what an Xbox support page says

Brief Summary: “An Xbox 360 and a Kinect. | Photo by Sam Byford / The VergeMicrosoft will not be closing down the Xbox 360 Marketplace, the company tells The Verge, e”

02-Feb-2023 – Now ChatGPT Can Make Breakfast For Me

Brief Summary: “The world is abuzz with tales of the ChatGPT AI chatbot, and how it can do everything, except perhaps make the tea. It seems it can write code, which “

02-Feb-2023 – On the state of Android apps

Brief Summary: “Unlike the title may suggest, this is not a post about the fact that Android apps are being released later than iOS apps, or that Android apps are get”

02-Feb-2023 – New Humble Bundle celebrates Black Creators and Characters

Brief Summary: “To go along with Black History Month, the folks at Humble Bundle have put up a bundle of games to celebrate Black Creators and Characters.”

02-Feb-2023 – Elon’s New API Pricing Plan Seems Perfectly Designed… To Help Send More Users And Developers To Mastodon

Brief Summary: “Huh. It had actually felt like quite some time since Elon Musk had last done something so stupid as to send a new bunch of users to Mastodon. But, app”

02-Feb-2023 – Twitter’s Latest Chaotic Move Will Kill the Site’s Best Bots, Account Owners Say

Brief Summary: “On Wednesday, Twitter announced that starting on February 9th, it would no longer be supporting free Application Program Interface (API) access, which”

02-Feb-2023 – MicroPython: Send Sensor Readings via email with the ESP32/ESP826 (BME280)

Brief Summary: “In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to program the ESP32 and ESP8266 boards with MicroPython to send sensor readings to your email. As an example, we’l”

02-Feb-2023 – The Blacklist Season 10 Will Be the End of a TV Era

Brief Summary: “After a few days of fan frenzy over an unverified Instagram photo announcing the final season of The Blacklist, NBC confirmed on Feb. 1, 2023, that se”

02-Feb-2023 – [Epic] Dishonored: Death of the Outsider & City of Gangsters (Free / 100% Off)

Brief Summary: “submitted by /u/Musth [link] [comments]”

02-Feb-2023 – [Humble] So you want to try out Pathfinder? Bundle. Includes PF2e Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Gamemastery Guide, Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, Secrets of Magic, etc. ($25 / 94% off)

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/WannabeCuteGayGirl [link] [comments] “

02-Feb-2023 – Din Djarin wields the Darksaber on The Mandalorian season 3 poster

Brief Summary: “With just a month to go until The Mandalorian returns for its third season, a new poster has arrived online for the acclaimed live-action Star Wars se”

21-Jan-2023 – Pluralistic: Tiktok’s enshittification (21 Jan 2023)

Brief Summary: ”
Today’s links
Tiktok’s enshittification: The company manually allocates surplus to creators, and they can take it away again, too.

Hey look at this:”

02-Feb-2023 – The 5 Best Prompt Engineering Tips for Beginners

Brief Summary: “Are you ready to level up your prompt engineering game? This blog post will give you the inside scoop on the 5 best tips for beginners in prompt engin”

30-Jan-2023 – ChatGPT Prompt Engineering – How to Build a Strong “Sequence Prompt”

Brief Summary: “ChatGPT Prompt Engineering is a crucial area in tech that involves designing and creating AI prompts to enhance user experience. 

One type of promp”

12-Jan-2023 – How to Write 10x Better Prompts in ChatGPT

Brief Summary: “Are you tired of getting irrelevant or nonsensical responses from ChatGPT? Want to know the secret to crafting prompts that guarantee 10x better respo”

02-Jan-2023 – How to Create Consistent Characters in Midjourney

Brief Summary: “Are you struggling to create consistent character designs in Midjourney?

It can be a challenge to get your images to stay consistent when using Gen”