This was originally one huge post, but I decided it would be better to be split up across a few posts.

Is it Dall*E? Dall-E? DALLE? I’m honestly not sure, and I’ll probably jump around a bit on which I use. Whatever it is, it’s AI Generated Art from text based prompts. And it’s pretty neat, and progressively more and more neat.

Initially, it was very limited to even do anywhere, but there was this great little service called Dall*E Mini, which let you make simple images with a sort of simplified version of the Dall*E 2 Engine. Or something like that. It eventually evolved into I don’t really use it much anymore and I’ve misplaced the images I generated with it… somewhere. Aside from that “Ramen Junkie” image above.

I have tried a few other similar systems with mixed results.

This is long and there are lots of images, so feel free to click through to read more…

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Eventually, DALL*E 2 Became publicly available, though it was somewhat limited. You get 50 prompts out of the gate, and 15 free each month. You could also buy like 100 prompts or something for like $15, which wasn’t a bad deal. I think these prices and numbers have changed. DALL*E 2 definitely made better images than DALL*E Mini though.

Prompt: Professor Layton Eating Ramen Noodles

Not too bad, it certainly doesn’t look like Professor Layton, but it does have the STYLE of the Layton games

Prompt: Mario Mug Shot

It seems to have some weird ideas about who Mario is, and none of these are Mug Shots at all, just, Mario, and a Mug.

Prompt: A few different Godzilla based prompts

There is about a 50/50 shot that “Godzilla” in a prompt actually produces a Godzilla or a random “Kaiiju like monster” They still come out pretty cool usually though.

Prompt: The President of the United States

They all look pretty presidential, but they all also have this sort of odd, “Friendly Authoritarian” vibe going on.

Prompt: The Cat in the Hat

Almost on this one.

Anyway, I quickly ran out of prompts and the results were kind of iffy, but better than Dall*E Mini. What II kept coming across though was Stable Diffusion, which could be run locally with good enough hardware. It just so happens, I have more than enough hardware to make it work too.

Part 2 of this Journey will go into a bit about moving to a local environment.