Monday 2022-11-21 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Monday 2022-11-21

21-Nov-2022 – Visiting Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 anime locations in real-life Hakone【Photos】

20-Nov-2022 – Pokémon Poké Ball rice balls now on sale in Japan, don’t taste like jelly donuts【Taste test】

21-Nov-2022 – Taylor Swift has been crowned champion of the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs)

21-Nov-2022 – Team Fortress 2 announces Festive Fisticuffs 2022 Charity Tournament

21-Nov-2022 – ‘Verified’ anti-vax accounts proliferate as Twitter struggles to police content

21-Nov-2022 – Chris Hemsworth Is Taking Some Time Off After Learning He’s At Risk For Alzheimer’s

100 Days of Python, Projects 71-80 (but not really) #100DaysofCode

Ok, I’m going to be frank here.

I’m skipping most of the Data Analytics portion of this course.  It’s 9 Lessons, Day 71-80.  It is all done using Google Colab Notebooks, it’s all extremely, extremely, extremely, repetitive, yet I am not really feeling like I am learning anything.

Every lesson amounts to, Open this Google Collab Notebook, which is a new and… interesting tool, I guess it’s similar to a Jupyter Notebook.  It’s basically, running “code” in weird choppy step by step chunks.  Each lesson amounts to.

  • Open a provided CSV file.
  • Make a Graph
  • Format the Graph.
  • Maybe do some layered graphs.
  • Sometimes the type of graph is different (line, bar, scatter, etc).

It’s dull, it’s repetitive, I have almost zero interest in statistics and data science honestly.  Fun Fact, Statistics is the one class I dropped in college.  I could have gotten a minor in Math with my Mechanical Engineering Degree with one more math credit, so I took Statistics.  It was the only class I had any actual homework in my last semester, everything else was writing reports, the homework was absolutely brutal, and the entire class felt like butchering math to create Conformation Bias.  It was stupid, it doesn’t account for nuance and one offs, which is what you should actually care about because those are the failure points.  I could go on and on.

Anyway, the sections tarted out pretty fun, learning  new tool, making fancy graphs, then halfway through I found I was just copying and pasting answers from the lecture because I just wanted it to be over and I didn’t care about the material.  

So I’m just, skipping it. This isn’t a graded University Course, hell I have made plenty of small side projects during this course to fill in the idea of “100 Projects in 100 Days”.

Also, if I wanted to make pretty charts, I would just use Microsoft Excel.  Because I am already pretty good at that.

This leads into the final “stretch” of this course, which I have already started working on some.  The Final 19 Projects, which are all basically, open ended suggestions.  There is a Data Analytics one in there, which I actually probably will go ahead and throw together some Charts for.  I have the perfect Data Set for it, ever since I bought my car, back in 2015, I’ve tracked my mileage and fuel usage every time I fill up (in Excel).  I can dump out a huge CSV was and manipulate that data in Google Collab or a Jupyter Notebook.

Sunday 2022-11-20 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2022-11-20

20-Nov-2022 – Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Messaging

20-Nov-2022 – I Hate Living in My Tiny House

20-Nov-2022 – Nvidia on Melting RTX 4090 Cables: You’re Plugging It In Wrong

20-Nov-2022 – Overwatch 2 adds audio transcription to PC chat to beat “disruptive behaviour”

20-Nov-2022 – Star Citizen is free to play until the end of November

Saturday 2022-11-19 – Link List

Blogging Intensifies Link List for Saturday 2022-11-19

18-Nov-2022 – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PC Launch Trailer

19-Nov-2022 – Indiana Jones 5 images feature Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkelsen and Boyd Holbrook

18-Nov-2022 – Doctor Who finds new companion in Millie Gibson

18-Nov-2022 – Amy Adams hasn’t been approached about Lois Lane return

17-Nov-2022 – Diva Wifi for OpenSim 0.9.2.* and later

17-Nov-2022 – LL launch “Plus” subscription, reduce Mainland fees and more

17-Nov-2022 – Square Enix ex-employee arrested, accused of insider trading

19-Nov-2022 – Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration

18-Nov-2022 – The next Epic Games Store free game is Star Wars: Squadrons

17-Nov-2022 – Microsoft Teams has added Solitaire and Minesweeper for professional procrastination

18-Nov-2022 – Harrison Ford Confirms Reason He Returned for Indiana Jones 5

18-Nov-2022 – Twitter employees are fired / quit after 2.0 ultimatum, users panic in chaos

18-Nov-2022 – Taylor Swift tour: Excruciating to watch Ticketmaster ticket chaos, says pop star

17-Nov-2022 – Introduce young people to coding with our updated projects

19-Nov-2022 – Trump Posted Classified Satellite Imagery On Twitter As President

18-Nov-2022 – Twitter Employees on Visas Can’t Just Quit

18-Nov-2022 – World’s largest iPhone factory dangles bonuses to entice part-timers to stay longer after worker exodus

17-Nov-2022 – World’s largest iPhone factory needs 100,000 workers for Foxconn to resume full production, state media says

19-Nov-2022 – Twitter has ‘50% chance’ of major crash during World Cup, says insider

17-Nov-2022 – Coinhouse suspends “savings accounts” due to Genesis suspension due to FTX collapse

17-Nov-2022 – Class action lawsuit filed against celebrities who promoted FTX

19-Nov-2022 – Coachella NFTs stop working due to FTX collapse

19-Nov-2022 – GeekMom: Make a Simple Little Grogu Doodle Inspired by ‘Zen’

19-Nov-2022 – Open-Source Passive Radar Taken Down For Regulatory Reasons

A Progressive Journey Through Working With AI Art – Part 2 – Running Locally

My initial foray into doing AI Art locally involved Stable Diffusion, which can be found here. This path ended up being sort of, multi staged. Initially I set it all up to run off the command line through PowerShell and Python. I ran through several prompts aver a few days off and on with iffy results (above). At some point I closed it down. When I came back, I couldn’t get it to run again. I couldn’t figure out WHY and so I gave up and nuked it to start fresh. (The problem was I forgot to use the Python Virtual Environment, DUUUUH).

Part 1 can be found here.

Side Note, Unfortunately, I don’t know the prompts for many of these because my initial runs just produced file names with numbers for file names.

—- Read More —-: A Progressive Journey Through Working With AI Art – Part 2 – Running Locally Read More