Blogging Intensifies Link List for Monday 2022-11-21

21-Nov-2022 – Visiting Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 anime locations in real-life Hakone【Photos】

20-Nov-2022 – Pokémon Poké Ball rice balls now on sale in Japan, don’t taste like jelly donuts【Taste test】

21-Nov-2022 – Taylor Swift has been crowned champion of the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs)

21-Nov-2022 – Team Fortress 2 announces Festive Fisticuffs 2022 Charity Tournament

21-Nov-2022 – ‘Verified’ anti-vax accounts proliferate as Twitter struggles to police content

21-Nov-2022 – Chris Hemsworth Is Taking Some Time Off After Learning He’s At Risk For Alzheimer’s