Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-03-07

07-Mar-2023 – Poster Art and Lobby Cards for ATTACK OF THE 50 FT WOMAN (1958)

Brief Summary: “”

07-Mar-2023 – Google plans to retire overlay ads on YouTube videos starting on April 6 to “improve the viewer experience and shift engagement to higher performing ad formats” (Damien Wilde/9to5Google)

Brief Summary: ”
Damien Wilde / 9to5Google:Google plans to retire overlay ads on YouTube videos starting on April 6 to “improve the viewer experience and shift engag”

07-Mar-2023 – Playdate is bumping its price to $199 in April

Brief Summary: “Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The VergePlaydate is announcing a suite of new games and a pricing update. The $179 USD handheld is going up by $20, effective”

07-Mar-2023 – Playdate’s new store launches today — here are some great games to check out

Brief Summary: “Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The VergeAs part of a showcase event, Panic announced that Catalog, a game store for its Playdate handheld, would be launching”

07-Mar-2023 – Niantic’s adorable pet game Peridot launches in May

Brief Summary: “Image: NianticNiantic, the studio behind Pokémon Go, is releasing its next big game very soon. The developer announced that the virtual pet game Perid”

07-Mar-2023 – LEGO Confirms LEGO Super Mario MAR10 Reveal Not 18+ Set

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The LEGO Super Mario MAR10 Day celebration will be happening in a few days which includes some sort of reveal. Nobody knows what it is but LEGO on th”

07-Mar-2023 – Is hydrogen really a clean enough fuel to tackle the climate crisis?

Brief Summary: “Backers say hydrogen projects should be first in line for almost $26bn in US taxpayer money – but should we believe the hype?Hydrogen is the smallest,”

07-Mar-2023 – Elon Musk mocks disabled Twitter employee trying to find out if he’s been fired

Brief Summary: “The CEO also chatted openly about Halli Thorleifsson’s disability status, which is confidential information under the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

07-Mar-2023 – Covid booster jab to be offered this spring

Brief Summary: “Everyone over 75 is being advised to take up the extra vaccine to protect them over the summer.”

07-Mar-2023 – Can I use my rice cooker for anything else? | Kitchen aide

Brief Summary: “Grains, pasta, fish, eggs and even fondue are just some of the things that be prepared in a rice cooker, says our panel of cooks• Got a culinary dilem”

07-Mar-2023 – DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN: Jon Bernthal to Return as Punisher

Brief Summary: “According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, for the Marvel Cinematic Universe series D”

07-Mar-2023 – A Minecraft world editor could be coming to Bedrock, leaked footage suggests

Brief Summary: “Building things in Minecraft takes a long time. Even in the vastly quicker Creative mode, you’re limited to constructing your grand designs block-by-b”

07-Mar-2023 – Explore the Solar System’s edges in management sim Mars Horizon 2: The Search For Life

Brief Summary: ”
2020’s Mars Horizon was a space flight management game where you were in charge of constructing bases, building rockets, and leading missions into th”

07-Mar-2023 – Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 release date confirmed, first look at upcoming battle pass skin

Brief Summary: ”
After rumour upon rumour upon leak, Fortnite has finally confirmed Chapter 4 Season 2 will kick off this Friday, 10th March.

In a brief tweet, the “

07-Mar-2023 – [Steam] Blockstorm (Free / 100% off)

Brief Summary: ” submitted by /u/axemexa [link] [comments] “

07-Mar-2023 – Jon Bernthal Returns As The Punisher For Disney+ Daredevil Series

Brief Summary: “”

06-Mar-2023 – LL announce fee changes for Second Life land and Lindex

Brief Summary: “On Monday, March 6th, Linden Lab announced a series of fee changes / payment changes to Second Life which have sparked some debate. The announcement l”

07-Mar-2023 – Rovio may reverse its decision to remove Angry Birds from Google Play store

Brief Summary: ”
Rovio could reverse its decision to de-list Angry Birds from the Google Play store.

At the end of February, the mobile publisher removed the origina”

25-Feb-2023 – New AI game: role playing the Titanic

Brief Summary: “New AI game: role playing the Titanic
Fantastic Bing prompt from Ethan Mollick: “I am on a really nice White Star cruise from Southampton, and it is 1”

01-Mar-2022 – SNESMOD

Brief Summary: “Another option for SNES audio is SNESMOD. It doesn’t have its own tracker, but you would use OpenMPT in the IT format, and save the file as an IT file”

03-Feb-2022 – Sega Genesis FM Instrument Basics

Brief Summary: “This is a bit off subject for my other topics, but I find this stuff fascinating. The Sega Genesis / Mega Drive has a very interesting FM synth chip, “

07-Jan-2021 – NESIFIER

Brief Summary: “Hey, I made an app this week. It can convert an image into a 4 color NES palette image. It can also save as CHR and do different levels of dithering. “