Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-01-03

22-Dec-2022 – TRON! Favorite Scenes from the 1982 Classic

Brief Summary: “We share our personal favorite scenes from TRON! Given how revolutionary this movie was, it was hard for each of us to choose just one!
When talented “

03-Jan-2023 – FCC’s Attempt To Finally Map Broadband Continues To Be A Hot Mess

Brief Summary: “We’ve noted for decades how, despite all the political lip service paid toward “bridging the digital divide,” the U.S. doesn’t actually have any idea “

03-Jan-2023 – AT&T’s predictions of the future (1993)

Brief Summary: “Comments”

03-Jan-2023 – Republicans fight over speaker of the House – but whoever wins, the party loses | Robert Reich

Brief Summary: “The Republican party has collapsed under its own contradictions, competing impulses and fear of the baseOn Tuesday, as Republicans in the US House of “

03-Jan-2023 – Fortnite returning to iOS devices teased by Epic Games CEO

Brief Summary: “In celebration of New Year’s, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney posted a tweet which seems to be hinting Fortnite’s return to iOS. The game was taken off the”

03-Jan-2023 – Cavetown has announced the inaugural benefit concert for his non-profit organisation This Is Home Project

Brief Summary: “Cavetown has announced the inaugural benefit concert for his non-profit organisation This Is Home Project.

The show is set to take place on 11th Ja”

03-Jan-2023 – Skrillex is teasing album, with a new single ‘Rumble’ featuring Fred again.. and Flowdan due this week

Brief Summary: “Skrillex fans have been eagerly awaiting a new album since his 2014 debut, ‘Recess’. Now it looks like their patience will be rewarded in 2023.


03-Jan-2023 – She-Hulk comic book writer defends Disney+ series, calls it comics accurate

Brief Summary: “The release of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law saw much fanfare, but the Disney+ series also saw some backlash as some fans criticized the series’ “

03-Jan-2023 – Ukrainian Refugees Find Work Subtitling Anime

Brief Summary: ”
Because of Vladimir Putin’s ordered invasion of Ukraine, many Ukrainians have fled the country, and some have evacuated to Japan. While the majority “

02-Jan-2023 – Taylor Swift is rumoured to be releasing ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ before embarking on The Eras Tour

Brief Summary: “Rumours have serviced that Taylor Swift is preparing to drop her Taylor’s Version of her third album ‘Speak Now’ before her The Eras Tour kicks off th”