Blogging Intensifies Link List for Thursday 2023-03-02

02-Mar-2023 – Play Cluedo on Instagram in on-going “immersive” board game event

Brief Summary: “An “immersive” Cluedo event is currently taking place on Instagram, with players able to gather clues and solve a case via the social media platform.S”

02-Mar-2023 – I Killed Bambi

Brief Summary: ” So. That music post I was going to do. The one I kept hinting at. Well, I’m not going to do it any more. Probably. It sounded like a good idea but i”

02-Mar-2023 – President Joe Biden’s new cybersecurity plan would crack down on ‘insecure’ software

Brief Summary: “Photo: Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThe White House has issued a new cybersecurity strategy that addresses, among other things, the role of large tech comp”

02-Mar-2023 – Scott Adams and the Time Cancel Culture Was Good

Brief Summary: “Cancel culture has come for Dilbert creator Scott Adams. On a YouTube livestream, Adams said things others considered racist, people denounced him for”

02-Mar-2023 – How Hard Could It Be to Get Millions of Phone Bills Right?

Brief Summary: “It may be a foreign concept to anyone who has never paid a dime for a phone call over and above the monthly service charge, but phone calls were once “

02-Mar-2023 – As Twitter Goes Down Yet Again, Report Highlights How Fragile Its Infrastructure Has Become

Brief Summary: “On Wednesday there was yet another major global outage at Twitter, something that feels like it’s becoming a recurring issue and bringing us back to t”

02-Mar-2023 – New F-Droid repository format for faster and smaller updates

Brief Summary: “Comments”

02-Mar-2023 – All you may need is HTML

Brief Summary: “Comments”

02-Mar-2023 – USPS Starts Nationwide Electric Vehicle Fleet

Brief Summary: “An anonymous reader quotes a report from CBS News: The U.S. Postal Service’s plans for a nationwide fleet of electric vehicles are getting closer to b”

02-Mar-2023 – Jakartan noodles and Sulawesi seafood: three Indonesian recipes from Petty Pandean-Elliott

Brief Summary: “From a spicy fish stew to a bowl of goodness from the big city – the chef and author shares her culinary highlightsIt has been more than four decades “

02-Mar-2023 – Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 release now officially known as Trails & Tales

Brief Summary: ”
Let’s be honest, “Minecraft’s 1.20 update” wasn’t exactly a phrase that tripped off the tongue, so thank goodness for developer Mojang, which has now”

02-Mar-2023 – Microsoft Activision deal set to pass EU regulators – report

Brief Summary: ”
Microsoft’s $68.7bn Activision Blizzard deal looks set to pass EU regulators, news agency Reuters has now reported.

Citing sources familiar with th”

02-Mar-2023 – [Epic] Rise of Industry (Free / 100% Off)

Brief Summary: “submitted by /u/Musth [link] [comments]”

01-Mar-2023 – Super Mario Bros. Movie Release Pushed Up to April 5

Brief Summary: “Mario’s coming, and he’ll be here earlier than expected! The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now set for an April 5 release, two days earlier than the prev”