Blogging Intensifies Link List for Sunday 2023-03-26

26-Mar-2023 – scrapeghost

Brief Summary: “scrapeghost
Scraping is a really interesting application for large language model tools like GPT3. James Turk’s scrapeghost is a very neatly designed “

25-Mar-2023 – Single Flex PCB Folds into a Four-Wheel Rover, Complete with Motors

Brief Summary: “You’ve got to hand it to [Carl Bugeja] — he comes up with some of the most interesting electromechanical designs we’ve seen. His latest project is rig”

26-Mar-2023 – The Essential Fantasy Movies of 1983

Brief Summary: “We journey back to 1983 for swords, glaves, sorcery, space adventures and fights with bears in the essential fantasy films of 1983… The 80s were a gol”