1. Ismail Saeed

    Hi, here’s that friend of yours who recommended it. 🙂

    I can understand if the price of the NAS tapped you out a bit, but I would recommend getting hard drives for it soon if you can, before RMA time disappears. Not that I think it’ll be faulty, but it’s the same reason why I smart test a hard drive I buy before I put a byte on it and it’s the same reason I tried to make sure my PC was built within 30 days of the first component I bought for it 4 years ago so that I could DO exchanges instead of rebuys if a part came bad.

    I’d actually wondered why you hadn’t talked to me about setup, but if you don’t even have drives in yet I can understand why. I’m assuming you’ve read the pdf manual though that walks you through the initial steps you want to take once you have drives to put in it?

    Hit me up by any means of personal communication we have that you want. I also have a recommendation / offer for you.

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