Blogging Intensifies Link List for Monday 2022-12-19

19-Dec-2022 – IO Connected Radio Alarm Clock

19-Dec-2022 – Atari Calls it Quits on the Atari VCS

19-Dec-2022 – Hasbro: Dungeons & Dragons 40th Anniversary Hank and Diana Gallery and Unboxing Video

19-Dec-2022 – Epic Games agrees to pay the FTC $520M to resolve two complaints over allegedly violating COPPA and tricking users into making unintended purchases in Fortnite (Wall Street Journal)

19-Dec-2022 – Terminator Creator Explains Dark Fate Disappointment

19-Dec-2022 – Indiana Jones 5 Will Reveal Mutt’s Fate

19-Dec-2022 – [Epic Games] Them’s Fightin’ Herds (Free/100%)

19-Dec-2022 – Kids Can Now Build Their Own Build-A-Bear Workshop in ‘Roblox’