So, technically this is part of the 100 Days of Python I have been writing about here, Days 41-44 were an “Intro to Web Development” piece, to give students a basic idea of how web pages are structured in order to give them the ability to better work Beautiful Soup in later projects.  More on Beautiful Soup on the actual “100 Days of Code Part 5” though.

Now, I’m already, pretty good at Web Development. I won’t say I am “professional level” (hellooooo Imposter Syndrome), but I’m pretty good and I’ve done actual web dev work for some small projects for my job.  The first coding I ever did was some super basic Basic coding back as a kid, learned from my dad, but my first REAL coding was done making HTML pages for Geocities.  This evolved over time with CSS and later most of what I’ve done is work with PHP and SQL back ends.  I’ve learned some amount of Cold fusion as well for work projects, because some of the internal dashboard sites I’ve worked on were CF.  

My point is mostly, I didn’t even NEED to do these 4 days worth of work, but I did anyway.  And man, what a fun trip down memory lane.  The structure for the first two days was JUST HTML.  We built some super basic “Personal Page” sites with tables based formatting and “center” tags and all that old school structuring.  The latter half was a bit more interesting where we essentially built a fresh site with added in CSS styling.

In the end, the class suggested sharing it with Github pages.  Which is fun because I’ve been meaning to actually set up a website, which you can find here, at  

I mean, I don’t NEED a personal home page, but it’s a very nice looking, stylish flat design landing page.  I’ll probably change it over time, especially to put my own spin on the home graphics instead of just using the instructor’s graphics.  I’ve also seen some people do some simply blogging there, though honestly, I kind of already have a blog, here.