So, day 12, you get an elevation map, and you get to run a path-finding algorithm on it to find the shortest path up the hill.

That sounds kind of complicated.

So I did it with the best computer I have available, my mind. And Microsoft Word, and some color coded path markers. I did do a bit of black outs on obvious dead ends so my final map looks like some sort of government document but I got the answer. It probably took me less time than it would have to figure out and write code to do it too. I started after finishing breakfast, put on a podcast on the headphones and a half hour later, I had the map.

I did have a brain fart that screwed me up, For some reason I was using the Upper Left corner as “Start”. Start was actually the big fat “S” in the middle of the first column.

Anyway, no code, but here is an image of my finished map.