Blogging Intensifies Link List for Tuesday 2023-04-11

11-Apr-2023 – The Marvels’ first trailer is a cosmic game of musical chairs

Brief Summary: “Captain Marvel’s surprise appearance at the end of Ms. Marvel was a reminder that the MCU’s strongest pinch hitter only ever comes down to Earth eithe”

11-Apr-2023 – ‘Rogers: The Musical’ From ‘Hawkeye’ Series Premiering At Disneyland

Brief Summary: ”
What started out as a bit in the Hawkeye Disney+ series is now becoming a reality! Rogers: The Musical is coming to Disneyland this summer.

In th”

11-Apr-2023 – Python on Microcontrollers Newsletter: New Raspberry Pi Code Editor, PyCon US This Month and much more! #CircuitPython #Python #micropython @ThePSF @Raspberry_Pi

Brief Summary: “View this email in your browser. Warning: Flashing Imagery
Welcome to the latest Python on Microcontrollers newsletter! This is a rather large issue a”

11-Apr-2023 – Google is Coming for Your Fitbit Account

Brief Summary: “Google announced today that it will begin transitioning Fitbit accounts to Google accounts this summer, with the transition mandatory by 2025.
The pos”

10-Apr-2023 – Raspberry Pi Introduces a Code Editor for Kids

Brief Summary: “In keeping with its mission of bringing computing to the young, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a beta version of a web-based software code e”

11-Apr-2023 – Sailor Moon Cosmos Shares Eternal Sailor Mars and Eternal Sailor Venus Trailer

Brief Summary: ”
The two-parter Sailor Moon Cosmos movies are going to tell the story of the manga’s “final battle.” The first movie will hit Japanese theaters on Jun”

11-Apr-2023 – #4440: Nissin Cup Noodles Breakfast Ramen Noodles In Sauce – United States

Brief Summary: ”
Well, I got one. More coming. There will be a definitive guide. That being said, it’s spring break and the kids are home with me. I’ve been walking t”