Well, I made it farther than my last “in real time attempt” in 2020 by 3 starts. I may check in one the puzzles each day, but my experience is, they only get more complex as time goes on, so I doubt I’ll be completing any more of them. Each day is starting to take a lot more time to solve out, the solutions are getting a lot more finicky to produce. We’ve also reached the point where the puzzle inputs also feel ridiculously obtuse. Like the Day 15 puzzle, where every number was in the millions, basically, for the only purpose of making everything slow without some sort of magic reduction math. Though skimming through other’s solutions, there didn’t seem to really BE any “magic reduction” option there. \

Which is fine. It’s not supposed to be easy. I don’t expect it to be easy.

But I have long ago accepted that things I’m doing for relaxation or enjoyment, should at least be relaxing and enjoyable. And These puzzles have reached a point where the amount of enjoyment and relaxation I get from them is no longer worthwhile.

So I’m choosing to end this year’s journey here.

Maybe I’ll go back and finish them some day, but more at my own leisure. I mean, I had started doing the old 2015 puzzles in the week leading up to this year’s event. I was never doing this in any attempt to get on the leader boards or anything anyway, hell I didn’t even start most day’s puzzles until the day was half over or later.

For what it’s worth, i did make a strong attempt on Day 15 but I just could not get it to output the correct answer, and I’m not real sure why. I couldn’t even get the sample input to work out, I was always one off. It’s possible, and likely, I was counting the space where the beacon existed, but my actual input data was off by a little over 1 million, and there are not 1 million beacons on the board. Plus it was 1 million under, where my sample input solution was 1 over.

I’m not even attempting today’s, for Day 16. I can see the logic needed, but the nuance to accomplish it will just take me too long to code out and like I said above, enjoyment and relaxation is the point. I don’t need to add hours of stress to my day.