The next step in my journey to better AI Art, was better prompts. Which also has sort of landed me on just using one complex prompt I found and modifying it as needed, which works very well. I started off by adding more descriptive words to the basic prompts. Including Camera models which was suggested by quite a few people.

  • “In the Style of Manga”
  • “An oil Painting Of”
  • “A Pencil Sketch of”
  • “in the style of [artist]
  • “Realistic”
  • “Hyper-realistic”
  • Canon 5D

This worked better. But I started looking around on the Stable diffusion Sub-Reddits for good prompts to use. I came across the following Prompt:

, (humorous illustration, hyperrealistic, big depth of field, colors, night club scenery, 3d octane render, 4k, concept art, hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic, trending on artstation:1.1)

text, b&w, (cartoon, 3d, bad art, poorly drawn, close up, blurry, disfigured, deformed, extra limbs:1.5)

Which I have used and adapted quite a lot. Essentially, everything in front of the first Comma is your actual prompt. This is essentially, what I have been doing. Everything after refines things a lot. You can also change the background by editing the “night club scenery” bit.

Anyway, the rest of the post is sharing some more pics based on this prompt.

Prompt: “Tracer from Overwatch” +

As normal, really iffy on the hands, but still some neat concepts that could actually be skins in the game.

Prompt: Godzilla +

Prompt: Several different Batman Prompts (Batman Fighting, Batman Overlooking Gotham, Batman Battling Joker)

Prompt: The Joker +

These are some of my favorites so far. I am not a huge Joker Fan really, but they do a REALLY good job of portraying the more modern crazy that is The Joker. I actually left a few off because frankly, they are super creepy, but really are nice.

Prompt: Professor Layton

Again, it has no idea who Layton is, but still seems to do really well with the Aethetic of Layton. Which is kind of odd honestly.

Prompt: An Adorable Pixar Kitten

Feels like Pixar styled art is cheater mode a bit but these came out pretty good as well.

Three Prompts with similar results, A Norwegian Landscape, The Lord of the Rings, and Arya Stark,

It’s kind of crazy just how much better the results have gotten from previous attempts, especially just like, 6 months ago or something, when I started playing with this concept using online tools. That said, it also gets old pretty quick, and you end up with a lot of “Weird shit” output, extra limbs, weird proportions, extra elbows, odd faces. I can see how it might be useful to produce some generic banner backdrops and whatnot. I also can see it just getting even better, very rapidly. If hands can be figured out, that would be a real game changer.