A Netflix Wishlist of Features

Netflix is pretty great but it really could use a lot of streamlining for it’s interface and library.  Multiple Profiles at least help with recommendations across a family but it’s really not enough.

For starters, related to that family aspect.

I’ve Already Watched This

At least in my house, I’ve set up profiles for my kids and one for the house.  Often when we watch things all together, we just use the house profile, but it would be great if I could mark something as watched on my own profile.  To get related recommendations based on having watched that movie, along with my other viewing habits.

Somewhat related, I really wish that Netflix would stop trying to show me shows and movies I have watched.  I don’t need a “watch it again”, I can’t even keep up with what I want to watch.  This also leads into the idea of

Don’t Show Me This

There is a lot lot lot of stuff that shows up as suggested that I will never watch.  I really wish I could filter this stuff permanently from the viewing list.  It would really help with finding things that I actually DO want to watch.  Often these things just get added to a list for later viewing anyway, but partially because it’s the only good way to even remember it was there int he first place.  Speaking of lists, I would love…

Multiple, Custom Lists

Watch Later is great.  How about the ability to make more of these lists.  TV to Watch later, Movies to watch later, Comic Movies and Shows, that sort of thing.  So I can better keep track of what I want to watch and maybe tailor it a bit to better match what kind of thing I am int he mood to watch at any particular time.

Somewhat related, My list, and Continue watching, really need to always be on top.  Especially for shows, most of the time, I just want to keep watching the show I was watching.  Many time I log in only to find my “Continue Watching” list is gone.  Somewhat related to the last point, if I start watching something, and decide it’s crap, let me manually remove it from the Continue Watching list.  Finally…

Leaving Soon

Netflix is constantly adding and dropping stuff.  Maybe have one of those little categories, similar to what’s new, only instead it’s what’s leaving.  Put things on there fairly far out for shows, maybe less so for movies.  Maybe just do a generic month out.  Maybe I will discover something I didn’t know was on there, or a show I was meaning to watch, that will be gone in a month.  So I can actually get to watching it.