On Getting COVID

Technically, I am writing this after the fact, but it needs done. COVID sucks. Omicron seems to not really care about vaccines or masks at all, and while its less lethal, it still is rough.

I don’t know where I got it, most likely while in Chicago, and most likely at the concert. Unlike the CHVRCHES show, there was no mask or Vax requirements. I had worn a mask anyway while inside. I doubt it was the Zoo, that was barely busy due to the weather and mostly outdoors. Where does not super matter. I definitely “got it” first, or at least had symptoms. I had been extra snotty all week, I had assumed allergies. I finally tested Thursday, 6/2, morning with a home test.

It was Positive. I scheduled a test at CVS for that morning and called off work as required.

I also basically camped in the bedroom for the next several days, in hopes that being Vaccinated would help keep my family from getting it. It did not. But their symptoms.basically followed my by a few days.

Things started okish Thursday, but by Friday and Saturday, I had zero motivation at all to do anything. The virus just seemed to make me completely lethargic. I didn’t even have the energy to turn on the bedroom TV and watch anything. I basically just toggled between staring at the wall and sleeping.

By Sunday I was doing better and spent some time downstairs on the computer. Starting Saturday I had developed a killer sore throat that lasted through the next couple of days. Nothing helped it at all, I tried lozenges and sprays and certain foods and nothing helped.

I was technically cleared to come back to work Monday, but I told my boss I would need another day just to be sure. I do not interact with anyone at work at all, and even if I were still mildly contagious, it would be simple enough to go in and shut the door and stay away from anyone else in the building (maybe 1-2 people).

I went back in Tuesday, 6/7. I made some coffee as normal, I was feeling pretty good. I mentioned to my boss over the company messenger I was fine, but my family had it now at home. He checked a bit and well, because they had it, I had to stay away. This was slightly frustrating because I have been working on an important project for work, and already had been off with actual vacation days previously.

So I went back home. I spent a lot of the rest of the week taking care of things around the house. It really didn’t feel like a “vacation” or anything, and while I was not as sick as I had been, I was still a bit miserable. It didn’t help feeling guilty about going on the stupid trip in the first place and bringing it home to everyone.