Git Gud at Git

Something that I’ve have tried and fail to quite get a hang of is how to use Git, and more specifically, GitHub. I’ve had a GitHub account for a good while, and at one point I “had” a ton of repositories because instead of simply following something, I would fork it to make a copy of it.  I feel like that’s not quite the proper way to go about using things.  At some point I went through and removed all of these forks and was left with only my code projects.  

I still wanted to get a better feel for the proper flow, which I probably still don’t have, and won’t really ever get until I (if ever) have the chance to actually work with a team using Git.  Most of my projects are just single upload drops.  Almost everything I do I just revise and edit locally until it works, then if I want to “show it off” I scrub out any static IPs, usernames, and passwords, and upload it to a repository.  I suppose there really isn’t anything inherently wrong with this method.  I have, more recently been pushing myself to use Visual Studio Code (VSCode) lately and a few other code apps, and thus I’ve been pushing some repositories with those various program’s interfaces.  

I did get to go through the proper, Fork, Branch, Edit, Push process a few times while doing some lessons through Twilioquest, and a follow up afterwards.  

Still, I think my main take away is… it doesn’t really matter how the code gets there.   Especially for single person projects.  I don’t really have any overall “goal” here.  It feels like the common goal is to try to get a programming job, but I am not really sure I would want that, at least not anytime soon.  I mostly just want to show off some mediocre code to the nobody who would look at it.  

Speaking of “showing off”, I also found that the little games I had made last year with Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade are all browser based, so I set up a little page to specifically show off Code Projects.  Right now, it’s all just MakeCode games, but I plan to add more if it seems like a good idea.

Another motivator for this push to tidy up my GitHub is it’s an excuse to practice using Markdown more.  Like Git, it feels like a skill I should have practiced more much sooner than now.  The main page for each repository is just a specific Markdown file, so having more repositories means I can make many pages of different types.  I’ve also started using Markdown to draft out blog posts as well as for my archive of old writings.

So anyway, if you want to see some random bits of code, some from 20+ years ago, feel free to poke around my growing pile of repositories.   Actual Repositories, where I did some level of work on them.

Lastly, this whole post is annoying full of things I wanted to blog about but have not.  Markdown, MakeCode, Twilioquest, my huge writing archive, to name a few.